I joined the Charles Tyrwhitt team around early 2015 as a stock assistant in our Washington, D.C. location.  Fast Forward that to today and I am now the Assistant Manager of our King Of Prussia store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. (the store with the highest grossing grand opening in the company!).  Everything about this company has made a brand loyalist out of me.  I actually left the company for a few months; realized how miserable I was and then pleaded to come back and to prove my worth within the company! It was great to be welcomed back by the D.C. team!


My time in our D.C. location will be something I will never forget.  I enjoyed the staff in that store and I never once dreaded going into work there.  Working in Washington, DC you met people from every walk of life (from politicians to your average Joe’s).  I really enjoyed working as a stock/ sales assistant because it got me to really understand our product and how it was all organized. It made grabbing back stock quicker for our customers!


Getting the promotion up to Assistant Manager was one of the happiest days of my life.  I think I actually yelled at in excitement to my new store manager.  This was something I enjoy doing, opening up new stores; which is something I have done in previous jobs.  The store opening of KOP was extremely smooth and extremely rewarding to watch the store go from bare bones to a gorgeous new full store.  Not to mention our incredible Grand Opening.


If this is a company you want to work for I strongly recommend applying.  I promise you wont regret the decision!